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What is Ruby Red Paint?

                                                         Ruby Red Paint is what happens when someone who has spent
                                                           35+ years in the cosmetics industry happens to also hold the
                                                                 Guinness World Record for speed face painting.

    Our Story:
                                       Gary Cole, the Owner/President of Ruby Red Paint, began his career as a compounder
     for Mary Kay Cosmetics. He worked his way up the corporate food chain over the course of 15 years until
     he  was  a  purchasing  agent.  While  there  he  made  contacts  that  eventually  led  him  to  own  the  North
     American arm of a major European face paint label. After building that brand for 20 years Gary was ready
     to take face paints to the next level. As a face painter he knew what he’d like to have in a face paint, as a
     cosmetics professional he knew how to create the product, & as a business owner he knew how to make
     it happen. After more than 35 years in the industry, Gary created Ruby Red Paint in 2013, the safest, most
     vibrant face paint available. For more information visit:

     So How is Ruby Red  Different From Every Other Paint?

                                           Not only are Ruby Red Paints made in the USA,

              MADE IN                   but the ingredients and packaging are also sourced
              USA                    from companies in the USA. We put Americans to work!

                                        Let’s get NAFTA working for you! We like the saying,

                                              “Made in the USA at made in China prices”.

               A    ABEN               Parabens are a common preservative system used in
              P                         many cosmetics which have been linked to potential

                                         health risks. Ruby Red Paints contain no parabens

                                        & use safe, top of the line, alternative preservatives.

                                          Ruby Red Paint is a vegan product containing no

                                          animal byproducts including Lanolin, a derivative
                                        of sheep’s wool, which is a common ingredient used

                                            in cosmetics that raises allergic reaction rates.
                                                     We do not do testing on animals.

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