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Our face paints are formulated to be friendly to the

                                           most delicate skin & is fragrance free, produced

                                         using only quality ingredients which are approved
                                      for use in cosmetics. We also offer a line of all-natural


                                          Ruby Red Paints are in full compliance with FDA,

                                       EU, Canadian, & Mexican toy & cosmetic regulations.
                                         Our paints are non-toxic & carry a child toy safety

                                       rating! This is the good stuff. We ship internationally
                                       and supply you with any safety documents you need.

                                           Ruby Red Paints are ‘Water Activated’, meaning

                                        there’s no grease, or oil in the product to begin with.

                                        You just add a few drops of water to your sponge or
                                         brush, mix and apply. It goes VERY far, dries to the

                                           touch in one minute. It will come off with a drop
                                                             of soap & some water.

                                     While we offer 100+ colors as a part of our standard color

                                         palette, we understand that sometimes you need a

                                       specific color we don’t carry. Because you are talking
                                      to the manufacturer, we can accommodate your needs.

                                           We would love to work with you. If you prefer to

              Your Name Here:         have your name on the package, we can help with that.
                                        Private labeling can carry higher minimums, but we
                                        will be here to help you build the product you want.
                                            We are a dream supplier to those who want to
                                           private label for Amazon or your in store brand.

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